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After 19 years in business as Cranfield Business Recovery Limited (“Cranfield”) Tony Mitchell and Patrick Murtagh have decided to retire. We would both like to express our appreciation to those clients who placed their trust in Cranfield to deal with the financial affairs of their businesses and our gratitude to those professional contacts who helped and supported us over the years.

We also wish to pay tribute and express our thanks to all of our loyal staff for their professional commitment and diligence over the years. It is a source of immense pride to witness how careers started at Cranfield have blossomed over the subsequent years.

As part of our commitment to existing clients and maintaining our tradition of aspiring to the highest professional standards, we requested Philip Ballard, a licensed insolvency practitioner and former director of Cranfield, to take control of the remaining appointments, to see these through to their conclusion, and in so doing, maintain a continuity of approach to the work already undertaken.

Consequently and by way of a Court Order dated 25 June 2020, all open insolvency cases being handled by Cranfield were transferred to Ballard Business Recovery Limited.  Pursuant to that Order, Philip Ballard replaced Tony Mitchell as the appointed office holder.  All future communication in respect of these cases should now be addressed to Ballard Business Recovery Limited.

If you wish to access our secure creditor portal for information and documentation regarding a particular case that we are administering, please enter the URL followed by the 6 digit case reference stated within our correspondence; for example:

The password, when prompted, will be the same as that previously provided by Cranfield.

If you need help accessing the secure creditor portal please contact us.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the creditor portal, please contact us.

For completeness, a copy of the Court Order and accompanying schedules may be obtained by clicking the links below.

Block Transfer Order – 25/06/2020
Case Transfer Schedules

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