Ballard Business Recovery assists with the closure of Cranfield Business Recovery

After 19 successful years in business as Cranfield Business Recovery Limited (“Cranfield”), Tony Mitchell and Patrick Murtagh have decided to retire. As a result, the affairs of Cranfield are currently being wound up, and the ongoing insolvency cases have been transferred to Ballard Business Recovery Limited (“BBR”) to see through to a conclusion.

A Statement from Tony and Patrick

We would both like to express our appreciation to those clients who placed their trust in Cranfield to deal with the financial affairs of their businesses and our gratitude to those professional contacts who helped and supported us over the years.

We also wish to pay tribute and express our thanks to all of our loyal staff for their professional commitment and diligence. It is a source of immense pride to witness how careers started at Cranfield have blossomed over the subsequent years.

As part of our commitment to existing clients and maintaining our tradition of aspiring to the highest professional standards, we requested Philip Ballard, a licensed insolvency practitioner and former director of Cranfield, to take control of the remaining appointments, to see these through to their conclusion, and in so doing, maintain a continuity of approach to the work already undertaken.

A Statement from our Director

For many years Cranfield has been highly regarded as a leading independent insolvency firm in Coventry, Warwickshire and beyond. Emma and I joined Cranfield as a fresh faced 18 year olds and during our 11+ years at the firm we have met and worked with some great people and gained a wealth of experience.

The closure of Cranfield is certainly the end of a big chapter in our lives, as I am sure it is for Tony and Patrick. I am honoured to be able to provide a continuity of service not only for the remaining Cranfield cases, but also to all those professional contacts who have continued to support and rely upon Cranfield for advice over the years. The high quality of service provided by Cranfield is and will always be mirrored within all BBR services as this has been integral to our personal development and embedded within our firm’s ethos.

I am sure everyone who knows them will join us in wishing Tony and Patrick a happy and well deserved retirement.

What does this mean for BBR?

As part of the winding up of Cranfield, BBR has acquired the remaining business and assets of Cranfield including its trading name. Whilst we continue to promote the BBR brand across Staffordshire, West Midlands and surrounding counties, the Cranfield brand has not been overlooked and will certainly be promoted once again as a sign of the high quality service BBR continues to provide.

If you have previously had dealings with Cranfield and would like to discuss any new or existing matters, please contact us on 01283 357 474, email, or visit our website at We are here to help.

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